The solution to everything

No spiritual tradition is more pro-female than Taoism. In its primary text, the Tao Te Ching, Tao is “the Mother of all things” and men are instructed to “Know the male but keep to the female.” This, I’d allow, is the solution to everything.

The wordlessness of love

Al Osten, lifetime partner of Buddy Victor, speaking about how they make decisions: “You don’t have a discussion. It just happens.” Words or no words, this is true about everything: It just happens. Relationships of oneness are relatively rare. The word ‘discussion’ derives from the Latin for smash apart.

Toward a healthy masculinity

Nothing devours energy like conflict. It’s a great gaping maw into which all goodness and potential disappear. Jesus said, “Resist nothing.” His ministry was a mere three years, from which we learn that a long life is not important and that peaceful men have inestimable power. They “mount up with wings as eagles; they run and are not wearied; they walk and do not faint.”


The most beautiful thing in the world is space. Space is the defining characteristic of every successful relationship. In the moment we’re aware of space, the mind goes, “Ahhhh.” And sinks into subservience.


We cannot see a grain of sand from inside the grain of sand. The perceiver is not the perceived. The observer is not the observed. The seer is not the seen. Whatever I perceive is not me. Not even this body? Not even that.