Jesus, on racism

His name by itself is a poem. Ezra Pound. In a Station in the Metro: “The apparition of these faces in the crowd; Petals on a wet black bough.” He was anti-Semitic. He was weeds and wheat, the subject of Jesus’ most profound parable.

2 thoughts on “Jesus, on racism

  1. Keith Fraser

    Whoa! What a post! It has left me speechless. In this time of harvest, I want to sit in a field of wheat and contemplate how gently the weeds and wheat touch each other.

  2. fgsjr2015

    A believer in Christ’s unmistakable miracles, I feel that too many have, unfortunately, created God’s nature in their own angry and vengeful image, especially the part insisting that God hates this or that. Often being the most vocal, they make very bad examples of Christ’s true message, especially to the young and impressionable. Christ was all about compassion, non-violence and, most notably, absolute charity.

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