Lucid dreaming

What I quaintly call “my world” is small, personal and private. It is essentially the same as anyone else’s world, differing only in its details. They are time-bound, these worlds. All we know is what we remember.

1 thought on “Lucid dreaming

  1. 🧝‍♀️Rarenwise🧝‍♀️

    Remembering is only half the battle. What we know is what we learn. What sets us apart from people is how we learn or DONT learn from our experiences.

    Perfect example: my ex a miserable individual depression anger a bully always talking down on others. Struggling in his own life. Suffering with his thoughts and memories of all his atrocities from rape, to countless attempts of murder, conning, using others for his gain, yep he’s almost killed a few times. Relapse after relapse drugs upon drugs. does he stop does he learn. Does he grow? Nah… I mean he pretends he’s evolved. As a tactic. he’s constantly spiraling in his own self made doom. Why? Because what he knows is selfishness and not necessarily selfishness but that his drugs matter more than anything and anyone in this world. Not even meaningful relationships.

    Knowing my worth put me in a situation where he assaulted me as punishment for not “falling in line” at first his punishments were cheating on me… it escalated.

    Only opening up because as a conquerer I can tell my story not out of pain but out of strength.

    I’ve known the guy for going on 24 years and I have seen him trek the path of delusion for it all. I really thought this last time around he may have really gotten it together.

    I was wrong

    As a lover of humanity intending to spread my love and compassion through each person I come in contact with helping others is my passion.

    With this guy i learned you can’t save everyone. Or tat maybe you can but FIRST they themselves must actually want to find themselves

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