About the Blog

This is a window into my work as a men’s counsellor. My work and my personal conduct are based on certain principles. Directly or indirectly, the blog posts are about these principles. I write for anyone who is interested in these matters.

One of the distinguishing features of my practice is that I work only with men. So I want first of all to say, ‘Welcome, women!’ Principles have no sex. Neither soul nor God has sex. Principles are the bridge between the material world and the spiritual one. If the principles are true, they will be true for men and women.

I dare to call them spiritual principles. Please understand that spiritual principles are not religious principles. I myself am not religious. I passed through a period of religious orthodoxy—and then I passed out.

Some people think that in order to be practical you have to avoid spiritual principles. In fact, the opposite is true. The man who lives in ignorance of spiritual principles is going to have a pretty rough time of it. The man who lives in alignment with these principles will live very well.

~ Keith Ashford