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The True Man, Keith Ashford

The True Man
Meditations on the Male Mosaic

by Keith Ashford

A men’s counsellor since 1992, Keith Ashford has pondered what he terms “the male mosaic.” He has thought about the Soul. “Soul,” he says, “is man’s embryonic potential for divine work. If a man’s divinity isn’t ‘worked out,’ given worldly expression, it dies.” And so Ashford has written a book that gives his soul worldly expression—and invites us to do the same.

Ashford provides us with a buffet of tantalizing hints and clues such as, “The True Man suffers… he endures… he is tolerant… he is done with drama… he casts a shadow…” With the help of his friends—Krishnamurti, Gurdjieff, T.S. Eliot, Lao-tzu, St. Augustine, and many others—the author gives shape and substance to the mosaic that is the True Man.


A Message for Men, Keith Ashford

A Message for Men

by Keith Ashford

Anger cannot be managed or massaged—chances are you know that already. Nor can it be denied, avoided, projected or repressed with any satisfactory result. But here is the miracle: Anger can be transformed into its opposite, which is inner peace. And along with that peace come richer relationships, less conflict, a sense of well-being. If you desire peace and fulfillment, look first to anger. What you now regard as an obstacle on your life-journey will be revealed as the way itself. Not roses, sunsets or choirs, but the rough humility of anger. It is simple, but not easy. You want peace; anger wants your attention. Give anger what it wants. Not resistance or judgment, but your unwavering attention. That changes everything.