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Between the stars

The fastest way to stop thinking is to notice nothing. Silence, for example. Or the space between this word and the next. Do this frequently. The mind is thing-addicted. No-thing slaps it silly.

Pleasure seeking

The pursuit of pleasure, whether it’s a needle in the arm or a trip to St. Barts, always takes place against a background of pain. True happiness can only be found inside the self.


What we call ‘ego’ is a mind addicted to thinking. Does it need to be said that thinking about this addiction can only feed the addiction? A higher faculty than thought is required.


Inedia is not simply a cultural titillation. It’s a finger pointing to our dysfunctional relationship to food—to wild excesses of sugar and salt; to fast and modified food; to wastage, spoilage and methane-belching animal farms; to eating disorders and childhood obesity; even, I suppose, to the weird ubiquity of weigh scales.