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Riding high in April

Life is arranged in such a way that things are continually going wrong. If we know this—I mean, really know it—then we won’t feel upset or aggrieved when the inevitable happens.


Cutting the lines

The flames of anger are fed by a man’s ideas and opinions. Once these are eliminated, he’s fine. Birds will perch on his forefinger looking for treats.


As the word suggests, environmental cleanup begins with the mind.

Mind is polluted if it is irritable, impatient, dissatisfied or wet-nursing a grudge.

Funnily enough, some of our worst polluters are fervent recyclers.

Angry men

The finger of blame is attached to a fool.

That bumper-hugging fist-for-a-face motorist who just gave you the finger? Don’t take it personally. Fact is, he gives it to everybody.

“Rejoice when men curse you. Rejoice, and be.” Come on. Who does this?