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Tad Jones had an anger problem. He was also mistrustful of authority. He figured the best thing was to go into the woods, where the tree giants were, and live there in a self-built shack. He also took a vow of silence which he kept for 40 years. Tad died this year, age 74, burned alive by one of California’s worst wildfires. They found his body in the middle of the road, alongside his two canes. “A slow, rusty death”—no, this was not for Tad, his sister said.

Know yourself

If you are looking for a place to begin, start with I AM. This is Life’s most basic fact. You can dive straight into it.

I AM animates this small 162-pound mass, circulates its blood, digests its food, eliminates its waste, grows its hair and does all of the other things necessary to a normal existence. Without I AM, I’m ash in an urn.

Shouldn’t I at least begin to acquaint myself with this power?

At this point, I know this much: If I am conscious of I AM, all is well. If I am not conscious of I AM, all is not well.

I may be wise in the ways of the world. But worldly wisdom will not protect me. Calamity and misfortune will land at my door. I am not being punished. I am ignorant, is all.

I AM. Is there a higher authority? I see none other. I know none other.