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Drinking the Kool Aid

We drink the Kool Aid when our first fealty is not to ourselves.


Good intentions

When we are blind to our primary fault, we do the right thing for the wrong reason. This corrupts everything. A root sin is tricky; it’s dressed up to look like a virtue.

Through the glass darkly

We do not see what we are looking at. We see our thoughts about what we are looking at. Thoughts prevent us from seeing. “Oh, look, there’s a Muslim.” If we don’t understand this, we will never see anything.

Finding myself

Each person expresses the same consciousness. When I meet you behind your eyes, on the other side of the thought screen, I find the essence of myself, the love that I am.

Astigmatism occurs when my vision becomes obscured by memories of pleasure (what I want) and of pain (what I avoid). These memories coalesce into habits. Habits entwine, stiffen, become coarse and spiny-briny. During which process the inevitable happens: I lose my yield.