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Inspector Clouseau, I presume

A coincidence reminds us that we are not in control of what happens. There are 7.75 billion of us milling about on a small glow-ball floating in space. And yet, we’re causal crazy.

Anger management

Anger cannot be managed; it helps no one to list his triggers. Anger is an inside job. Life is the trigger. What then? Anger must be traced to its source. Do that and see that anger is not a problem but the symptom of a problem. It is the love-puckered face-freezing fruit of a thought habit. That’s what needs to be dismantled. It’s not easy. We love our habits. Occasionally, we break a habit, but it is more frequently the case that a habit breaks us.

Besotted with causality

Everything that happens has numberless causes; nothing is disconnected; there is no such thing as an isolated event; and still we ask, “Why did this happen?” Or we pledge: “I’m going to get to the bottom of this!”