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Asleep at the wheel

Gurdjieff had the view that humanity exists in a near-perpetual state of sleep. “Man lives his life in sleep, and in sleep he dies.” On the evidence—climate change, consumerism, ceaseless warring and the wanton destruction of the planet—the Russian mystic wasn’t wrong.

Stargazers. Night travellers

We can’t rely on the smartest guys in the room to save us from anthropogenic climate change. Smart guys are why we’re in this mess. Today our urgent need is for wise men, like the gift-bearing magi who found Jesus in a stall trough.

The planet claps back

These two slow, powerful movements operate in a strange sort of parallelism. The first movement, climate change, is predicted to become an irreversible crisis by 2050. The second movement, the falling sperm count in men, is walking us toward the possibility of mass sterility.