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Natural behaviour is spontaneous behaviour, which is free, easy and graced, also unplanned, uncaused and having no obvious relation to external stimuli. Our structures cannot tolerate spontaneity. Observe how a government briefing unfolds.  

Robed men

Our institutions are distinctively perpendicular, top down, Babelesque and male. They’re modernity’s dinosaurs, owing their existence to fear of the feminine. And it’s an entirely counter-phobic fear—paranoid, aggressive, ritualized and conforming. Challenged on their dysfunction, they say they’ll change the culture. Sure. When fish ride bicycles.

Synchronized thinking

“I was just thinking that!” This is not a coincidence; it’s a commonplace. Our minds are linked as trees are by their root systems. We gather in arenas to savour our sameness. We watch television. We look at our devices. We’re stunned into silence by an original thought.