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Slave mind

A slave mind seeks to please and placate other minds. It is conformed, domesticated and adulterated, sensitized to reward and punishment. It is “going down into Egypt” and eking out a half-life in the shadow of someone else’s granaries.

“Unless you become again as little children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.” Little children have free minds. Look at them! They know what they want and they do it.


Little patriot

For as long as we thrive on competition, we thrive on violence.

What did school teach me? How to fear failure. How to conform.

Education is derived from the word for “drawing out.”


Man as disciple

Discipline has nothing to do with subjugation, suppression or standing at attention. It does not mean replacing one pattern of behaviour with another. It means “to learn.”

We must be completely free in order to learn. Freedom begins with the realization of how trapped we are.

The least free are the most conventional.

Big brother

The less willing we are to govern ourselves, the more autocratic government will be. Men say they do not like to be told what to do, but that is not true. They have been trained from their very beginnings to take orders. They like to be told what to do. In nation states where this is particularly the case, men in uniform (military, ecclesiastical, business) sit comfortably at the top of the system.

Call the angels

Ours was not a happy home. My father was violent and hyper-religious. He beat me with his belt while I lay draped across what was always a perfectly made bed, pants and underwear puddled around my ankles. Two of my three siblings, a brother and a sister, killed themselves.

A voice said, “Call the angels.” And angels came—angels enough to revivify William Blake, angels seen and unseen, women angels, men angels, child angels, a whole dance of them.

Does a man live who is more loved?