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The human personality is memory enfleshed, our past briefly materialized as a protection from the vagaries of the present. Personality is derived from the Latin persona for mask. It’s an accretion, not us.


Chasing the dream

What we want flees from us, like customers in retreat from a calculating and over-rehearsed salesman. The strategy of an ascending consciousness is simply this: Welcome what comes. Say “yes” to what is.

Oh, what a thrill

Pain can be joy for this reason: It takes attention from the mind and directs it straight into the body. Attention to the body thrills the body. There is no right time or wrong time for this to happen. Sometimes, just before death, the thrill-of-it-all will take us out of our bed, walk us over to the table and say, “What’s for supper?”

Everything belongs

Fish swim, birds fly, rats scurry. Everyone acts according to his level of consciousness, to the degree of his evolvement. Not for us the rites of condemnation or laudation. Were there no sinners, there’d be no saints.