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The beauty principle

To be liked, please other people. (People like us when we please them.)

To be loved, please yourself. For this, indifference is required. (Praise and criticism are two ends of the same pencil.)

Beauty is utterly indifferent.

What beauty doesn’t do

Beauty does not nurse resentment. It does not because it cannot. It would not be beauty if it did.

Beauty is forgiveness. All is forgiven.

“The world will be saved by beauty.”

How does my garden grow?

The reason I want you to change is so that I can avoid the hard work of changing myself.

Anger, resentment, frustration, non-forgiveness—these are projections of something within me onto someone other than me. Projection locates a problem where it cannot be solved. It ensures that the problem does not get solved!

Who benefits from this arrangement? Ego does.

Blaming is our most enduring and devious dysfunction. It germinates in judgement. It is nourished in complaint.