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Sound therapy

If you didn’t have a tongue, you could still vocalize these three sounds: A (as in father), U (as in moon) and M (lips closed, nasalized). AUM is the primordial sound, the oral equivalent of the three primary colours. To reset the entire system, I recommend a few minutes of AUM in the morning and a few minutes in the evening. Children should be taught AUM in school. They’d be a lot more peaceful.

Space consciousness

We often hear “Look at that” in reference to something beautiful, awful or interesting. We never hear “Look at nothing,” e.g., at the space between two objects in a room or between two thoughts. When we do that, you will notice, the mind stops.

The Shift (2)

We shift our attention from the outer to the inner world by maintaining a moment-to-moment awareness of every thought, feeling and action. Here ends the unobserved life. From now on, nothing happens inadvertently.

Divine awareness

A divine awareness permeates every aspect of creation. Even stones have consciousness! But humans are mostly left-brained. A man is a man and a thing is a thing and medicine is mechanical.