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Crawling out of the head

Based on the planetary evidence, humans are at the nadir of their thinking phase. From this low point we see the impossibility of using thought to solve problems that thought has created. Simultaneously, we’re aware that consciousness, the divine intelligence, has no thought process.  

The arising consciousness

We’re now in the midst of an evolutionary growth spurt. It is the right time to remind ourselves of how evolution works—three steps forward, two steps back. Two major developments have occurred with incredible speed. First, the planet, after a long period of requesting our attention, has commanded it. And second, we’re looking at one another differently now. This re-visioning is our most urgent necessity.

Infinite intelligence

“Why does this always happen to me?”

Whatever we experience unconsciously—whatever we fail to investigate, understand, surrender to—we will experience again. The purpose of Life is to burst through our tamas, to draw us out of somnabulism. Depending on our density, this may require a two-by-four to the back of the head. Sometimes rude is best: the harder the wood, the brighter the flame.

Life gives us what we need. Always.