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From a biological perspective, our needs are modest and few. If we knew enough to share, life would be effulgent, Edenic, easy. But, dang it, we don’t and it isn’t. In Chronicles of Wasted Time, Malcolm Muggeridge likened humans to “pigs in a crowded sty, jostling and shoving to bury their snouts in the trough; until one of them momentarily lifts his snout upwards in the air, in so doing expressing the hope of all enlightenment to come; breaking off from his guzzling to point with his lifted snout to where the angels and archangels gather round God’s throne.”


We are densely shrouded in ideas about things. These ideas are rooted in our past; we ‘wear’ them like hazmat suits to protect us from what we don’t know. Enlightenment is the sublimity of having no ideas. See the baby. Babies are just trippin’.