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In my opinion

Opinions are hazardous. Where opinions are, conflict also is. It is best not to engage with an opinion but rather to slightly turn one’s back on it.

Opinions are not facts. Facts are quiet. That two plus two equals four is a fact. Its factuality is not elevated by shouting it or by putting it on a flag and waving it.

Facts are necessary. Opinions are hats on rats.

As a mental object, an opinion is not a problem. Identification with the object is what creates the problem.

The fewness of facts

A fact is only a fact if there is not a single element of fear or aggression attached to it.

Fear is the first distortion but aggression comes a heel-nipping second.

The larger the institution, the less factual it is.

Facts are few. There is nothing mundane about a fact. Facts liberate.

HR departments do not serve the employee; they serve the employer. This is not something to be upset about. It’s a fact.