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The death of time

Now is a timeless state—no past, no future. It’s where time dies.


Paradise lost

What the undisciplined, puffed-up mind does: It projects the past onto the future. It remembers and anticipates, regrets and fears, blames and expects. None of this has anything to do with right now.


Every day millions upon millions of lives blink into and out of existence. These blinks are momentary. They are ephemeral, weightless, too fleeting to bear the weight of a past and a future.



Let us be resolute in our commitment to the present moment. And why, as a practical matter, should it be elsewhere? Life is not in the future, neither is it in the past.


All dressed up

Fear plays this little trick—it dresses itself up to look like what it isn’t. Parsimony. Protection. Prudence. Planning. Precaution.

Worry—that’s not fear, is it? Just looking at things from every possible angle, right?

If we could see worry for what it is, we would never worry again.