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Up. Down

New York, New York lyrics: “I’m number one / Top of the list / Head of the heap / King of the hill”

When we stand at the summit of personal achievement, there is only one way to go: Down.

What’s my purpose?

Nothing in the natural world has a purpose. We step into Nature and we exhale: “Ah, no purpose here.” Nor any need for one. Bears have no purpose. They do not take vacations. After all the excitement, the disciples were told, “Stay in the city.”

Make of nothing a means to an end. The end is the means. This is the essence of the Gita: Take no thought for outcomes. Expect the unexpected.


Men on bail are required to keep the peace. The rest of us are enjoined to keep quiet.

If my mind is quiet and my heart is pure, Life will bring everything I need to my front door. It will be fresh and new every morning.

If I do not keep quiet, I will need to be a go-getter. “Oh, that Ashford,” people will say, “he’s a real go-getter.”