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Blades of grass

Everything has a relative importance, as a horse does, or a blade of grass. But nothing matters absolutely.

For the perfectionist—hyper-critical, righteous, preoccupied with himself—a healing mantra: “I’m not that important.”

Erasing ourselves

We are not changed, healed or transformed by making an effort. Even as a concept, efforting-ing is exhausted. Change happens when we drop the conceit of doer-ship, expunge ambition and welcome what happens.

Oh, what a thrill

Pain can be joy for this reason: It takes attention from the mind and directs it straight into the body. Attention to the body thrills the body. There is no right time or wrong time for this to happen. Sometimes, just before death, the thrill-of-it-all will take us out of our bed, walk us over to the table and say, “What’s for supper?”


The body is utterly innocent. It believes everything the mind thinks. When it becomes a dumping ground for mental negativity, it enters a dread state, and the ceremonies of innocence are lost. Allopathic medicine can suppress the symptoms of this slow poisoning but true healing requires purification of the mind.