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Toward a healthy masculinity

Nothing devours energy like conflict. It’s a great gaping maw into which all goodness and potential disappear. Jesus said, “Resist nothing.” His ministry was a mere three years, from which we learn that a long life is not important and that peaceful men have inestimable power. They “mount up with wings as eagles; they run and are not wearied; they walk and do not faint.”

Good fathers

Richard Rohr says a healthy masculinity incorporates five truths: (1) Life is hard. (2) You’re not in control. (3) You’re going to die. (4) You’re not that important. (5) Life is not about you. This is why boys need godfathers (good fathers). It is mostly the case that strong spiritual direction doesn’t come from dad. That’s not to be regretted. It’s just how it is.