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We are densely shrouded in ideas about things. These ideas are rooted in our past; we ‘wear’ them like hazmat suits to protect us from what we don’t know. Enlightenment is the sublimity of having no ideas. See the baby. Babies are just trippin’.

Mother’s children

Life is not a problem. Our ideas about Life—that’s the problem. Every problem we THINK we have is mind-created. The problem-creating mind is the only problem. There are no other problems. Objectively, nothing is a problem.

Still, we exhaust ourselves searching for remedies. There is only one remedy: Stop searching. Do nothing. Be quiet.

The mother of all problems is the belief that we are the body. This is a false belief but extraordinarily fecund. Her children look different but in one essential aspect they are the same: Each is an in-valid.