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When I was a child

Reincarnation is not something that happens at the end of a lifetime; it happens numerous times during the course of a lifetime. Things we once identified with, we no longer do. What we once were, we no longer are.

When I snap my fingers

On their own, thoughts are not a problem. Believing them, taking them seriously, identifying with them—now that’s a problem. The challenge: Don’t believe everything you think. Timesaver: If it’s negative, dismiss it.

Blue on blue

The word “exist” is derived from the Latin for “stand out”. In a violent culture, a violent man is unremarkable, has no distinguishing features. He is not apart from his context; he is of it. So total is his identification with the zeitgeist that he disappears, ceases to exist. People ask, “Why did he do this?” When we ask the wrong question, the answer does not illuminate.