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Good housekeeping

We clean our windows, light shines in. We stop thinking, light shines out.


Opening the shutters

Resistance invigorates your opponent. (You can watch it happen.) Therefore, resist nothing.

What happens to darkness when light floods the room? Where does it go? What went?

In the demi-monde

Ordinary life is the life of an ox. It is dull, conformed, routinized. It goes round and round, repeating itself.

To slay a dragon, kill a habit.

Like a speared eel

I made a mistake the other day. I rushed an action. Then, mistake number two: I failed to arrest myself, to investigate the incident. Oh, what a hallelujah moment to finally get down to business, to see all of my sourness flood the exits, to watch ego convulse like a speared eel.


A couple of millennia ago, a man had a revelation so powerful that it knocked him off his mount. Despite the temporary loss of his sight, he saw with perfect clarity that it is every man’s destiny to be a saint.