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In the city

The answers to life’s most important questions are within us. For assistance with lesser matters—how to play the piano, for example, or car repair—we may seek assistance from our environment. The inner life is primary; the outer is secondary. Life returns us to the city of self-trust, to the temple of self-sufficiency.

“Stay in the city.” Heed not signs and wonders.


Sage and saboteur

Ramana Maharshi said that progress on the inner plane is determined by whether we are thinking less.

The mind claps its little hands in excitement. “Now you’ve given me something to think about!”

The face of a man

It was said of Socrates that he always wore the same expression.


Inverting my gaze

The God I thank, negotiate with, rail against, sacrifice to or seek forgiveness from is not God.


Signs and wonders

Miracles don’t happen on the outside; they happen on the inside.

Forgiveness is a miracle. No one has ever ‘accomplished’ forgiveness.