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The unhappiness of the young

According to a recent Canadian study, 79 percent of young men and 84 percent of young women report significant sexual problems, including low levels of satisfaction, low desire, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, an inability to achieve orgasm and injurious pain. The study suggests they are having sex not because they want to but because they think they should.

In “should” is the death of innocence.


Word to the critic

In order for me to see a fault, I must have the fault. I announce my own defect by pointing out its existence in someone else.

Clear seeing is sight cleansed of judgement.

Beautiful boy

No one told you? You are the most perfect boy—beautiful, unstained and innocent to the illimitable power of God. Such a thin disguise! Beneath this holed sheath of conditioned behaviours, habit and memory, you are. Namaste.

Us and ours

There are two kinds of children: little and big. Little children are sweet; they’re spell-weavers. Big children are absurd, even dangerous. That’s why Jesus said, “Unless you become again as little children, you will not enter the awareness.”

A little child does not have an ego—that is, a mind-based sense of self. That is why we love little children, not for something they have but for something they don’t have.

Awareness is the absence of ‘me’ and ‘mine’. These are false ideas and best gotten rid of.