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Some 5,000 years ago an advanced civilization of five million people occupied the Indus Valley. Its geometrically laid out cities had running water, sophisticated sanitation systems and thriving economies. What they didn’t have were temples or government buildings.

Slow, less and nasally

The gist of James Nestor’s new book Breath is that we breathe too much, too fast and that mouth breathing wrecks the body. He also takes a deep dive on posture. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has been warned that he’ll die a premature death if he doesn’t figure out how to carry his head.

We were handsome once

When there’s no ‘hard’ in our lives, no challenge or difficulty, we become soft as over-boiled potatoes. Take our diet. When we abandoned raw hard-to-chew food in favour of soft, processed food, our facial structure changed. We were handsome once.