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Death of a prodigy

A prodigal son awakes to the realization that he is a prince living in a pigsty. This is the birth of a new consciousness. Then he decides to stay in the pigsty. This is the death of a new consciousness.

Jesus: “Do not put new wine in old wine skins.” Epictetus: “If you want to change old habits, you may have to move to a different country in order to do it.”


Slave mind

A slave mind seeks to please and placate other minds. It is conformed, domesticated and adulterated, sensitized to reward and punishment. It is “going down into Egypt” and eking out a half-life in the shadow of someone else’s granaries.

“Unless you become again as little children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.” Little children have free minds. Look at them! They know what they want and they do it.

Angry men

The finger of blame is attached to a fool.

That bumper-hugging fist-for-a-face motorist who just gave you the finger? Don’t take it personally. Fact is, he gives it to everybody.

“Rejoice when men curse you. Rejoice, and be.” Come on. Who does this?

The way we love

The man who loves his wife but hates his boss does not love his wife. We need to examine this business of divided love, of how we bestow it as if we owned it, because love is not partial, private or personal. The way we relate to the store clerk, to other drivers, to the prostitute at the well, is the way we love.