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Male initiation

Men must be initiated in order to prevent them from becoming loose canons. (Women do not need to be initiated; femaleness is its own initiation.)

Initiators must be elephants, men of wisdom. In the absence of the deep masculine, shadow initiations occur. These peer-driven exercises are transmogrifications, stupid and brutal. Men of promise wind up dead and twisted at the foot of the stairs.

The real-ness of right now

Since everything that happens has numberless causes, it is fruitless to ask “Why did this happen.” (Of course, historians and coroners have their place.) The most legitimate, energizing and necessary question is, “Am I aligned or out of synch with what happens?” This is a “now” question.

Now questions make me responsible (response-able) for what happens now. Only the now is real. The past and the future? Not real.

Nothing makes men more immediately foolish than resistance.

Bundled up

Memory is both collective and individual. Nations with the longest memories—Israel, for example, and Palestine—suffer the most, while countries with the shortest memories—Canada, for example, and Australia—suffer the least.

Memory is the past in a bundle. Politicians do not speak to Israel. They speak to its bundle.