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A therapist’s first and pre-eminent responsibility is to see a man as he is, not as he takes himself to be.

Krishnamurti: In the seeing is doing.


The ocean falls into the drop

We do not see anything as it is. We see everything as we are. It is an em-bubbled existence—private, personal and contradictory. Eventually, the bubble pops. Now, what happens when that happens?

Death and dying

Death is the falling away of everything we don’t need—our traditions, beliefs, habits, hopes, memories, worries, fears, resentments, five-year plans, medications, opinions, cultural associations, club memberships, loyalties, animosities, calculations, the voice in the head that interprets, judges, discriminates, rejects, invites and analyzes.

This falling away is already happening—as I write this, as you read it.


A change on the inside produces change on the outside, in the world of form.

A change on the outside changes nothing in the world of the formless.

Change is not going from A to B. Change is clear seeing.

A desire for change is not change.