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Ego, again

Everything that happens, happens by itself. But, weirdly, we think we’re doing it.



Life cannot give me what I need while I chase after what I want. What comes to me unbidden, unanticipated, is the precondition to contentment. Contentment is not an achievement. Not a result.

Wrong about everything

We do not easily (or ever!) divest ourselves of our opinions. Sometimes Life takes pity on us, slaps us upside the head and brings us face-to-face with this: “I’ve been wrong about everything.”


The way I eat

Life is mostly a series of little things. So what I do—cleaning myself, walking out the door, putting my shoes in the closet—is not that important.  But how I do all this—that is very important.

Because the way that I do anything is the way I do everything, and the details of my biography are elucidated in the way that I eat.



No one has power to ruin my life. Am I ruined? Then I ruined myself. This is the realization that allowed Socrates to say, “You can kill me but you cannot hurt me.”