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Relaxing into Life

I cannot say that I have been improved or elevated by virtue of believing something. Where, then, is the necessity for belief? From the outside, belief appears as a kind of pseudo-knowing, a mind-made obstacle to knowing.

The indifference of love

Light cannot ‘see’ darkness. Consciousness has no problems. It regrets nothing, hopes for nothing, anticipates nothing. It has no agenda or thought process. Not even the affairs of men can diminish its sublimity.

Effortless action

It requires real effort to sustain a falsehood, live a lie, deceive and steal. Some of our most diligent criminals—drug tunnellers, for example—exhibit a tremendous work ethic. (They’re like middle-of-the-pack politicians in this respect.) Imagine Lao Tzu sitting these guys down and saying, “Today we practice wu wei.”