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And it was a beautiful day

Home is not a house; it’s the present moment.

If we are not present, we are not at home.

The prodigal son awakened in a pig barn. Stunning, to find oneself at home in a pig barn.


The first agreement

The first agreement is: I agree to be guided from within.

The first agreement obviates the need for any other agreements.

The art of listening

Listening is awareness without thought. Practically, this means not thinking while the person to whom I am listening is speaking.

Awareness without thought is a state of radical openness. Saints call it prayer. Secularists call it consciousness. (And really, aren’t labels useless?)

First, I am a space for you. Then we are a space for each other.

Words are not necessary for communication.

More words count less.

When we listen

In the pre-dawn the father holds the infant. She is asleep. He examines the whorl of hair at the top of her head. From it emerges a thousand-petalled lotus. In the stillness of the concentricity, this: “Do nothing. You are perfect. All is well.”