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Shredding my agenda

If we knew what to pray for, every prayer would be answered. But we don’t. And they aren’t. Knowing that we don’t know is love’s first humiliation. It doesn’t mean we stop praying. It just means that henceforth we pray silently, without any words.  

Both sides now

Love can only be known apophatically, that is, in terms of what it isn’t. Thus, love is not romance, not loyalty, not emotion, not anything we can say, point to, or believe in. Herein the humility of love. We don’t know what it is.

Irrational knowing

Sometimes the soul expresses itself and we have an irrational experience of intuitive knowing. When this happens, there’s no debate, no doubt, no weighing of pros and cons. It’s pure, simple and unassailable. It could be one word, three words or a rush of love during which we love the beloved more than ourselves.