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A masculine spirituality

Does such a thing even exist? Of course. Yes! But that’s a concession, not a boast. A masculine spirituality has a decidedly yang quality to it, an imbedded bias for action. Thus, some women are more yang than some men just as some men are more yin than some women. Wherever we find it, a bias for action needs to be examined and undone. We are human beings, after all, not human doings. “Know the male,” advises the Tao, “but keep to the female.” Most of what yang-men do is unnecessary. That was Gurdjieff’s definition of sin—whatever is unnecessary.  

Alcoholics Anonymous

AA is a wonderful organization. In many respects, it is more like the church than the church is. But it is also the home of a misunderstanding. Yes, there is a Higher Power but, no, it is not exclusive of one’s innermost self. Believing otherwise has the effect of estranging men from their own essence, of turning divinity into a cumulonimbus. This is not a stand-alone mistake. It’s a child of the belief that we are the body.

I am not my body.


The purple robe and the jewelled ring signify masculinity. Masculinity is the awareness of oneself as a surplus. Awareness is consciousness. The conscious male is expansive. Life flows out from him. The unconscious male is parsimonious. He has his taps turned off.