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We were handsome once

When there’s no ‘hard’ in our lives, no challenge or difficulty, we become soft as over-boiled potatoes. Take our diet. When we abandoned raw hard-to-chew food in favour of soft, processed food, our facial structure changed. We were handsome once.

Chapel of love

Dr. William Richards, a psychologist at Johns Hopkins University: “My wild fantasy is that, probably some time after I’m long dead, these [psychedelic] drugs are used in seminary training. Why shouldn’t the opportunity be there to explore deeply spiritual states of consciousness in a legal way?”


Inedia is not simply a cultural titillation. It’s a finger pointing to our dysfunctional relationship to food—to wild excesses of sugar and salt; to fast and modified food; to wastage, spoilage and methane-belching animal farms; to eating disorders and childhood obesity; even, I suppose, to the weird ubiquity of weigh scales.