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Notes on Dad’s Day

My children are not my children. In the first place, they are not children. In the second place, they are not mine

The children of anonymous sperm donors have a message for the culture.

The cosmic Christ: “Call no man on earth your father.”

Father of the year: Dmitry Muratov.

Clamping tools

“ME!” she cried. “MINE!” he roared. These pronouns are pincers, the killing business of arthropods. Dig into their meaning. Understand precisely what they mean and how they dominate us. Be free of them.

The way we love

The man who loves his wife but hates his boss does not love his wife. We need to examine this business of divided love, of how we bestow it as if we owned it, because love is not partial, private or personal. The way we relate to the store clerk, to other drivers, to the prostitute at the well, is the way we love.