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Right here, of course

Timothy Leary’s advice to the Sixties counterculture—turn on, tune in, drop out—was actually a love note to Augustus Owsley Stanley.  But what if your mission is to under-stimulate yourself? To turn off, tune out, drop in. To embrace a simple life. Where would you start?


Talking about sickness only encourages it.

We do not become suddenly sick, as marriages do not suddenly collapse. There is an incubatory period. It takes a long time to become sick.

Sickness ought not to be fussed over, focussed on or fought against. This is not the way. If there’s a war on, the cause is doomed.

Sickness expresses an energy of which we have been unconscious until a set of symptoms suddenly manifest. Medicine cannot cure what causes men and women to become sick.

Our mission in life is to love. Sickness cannot prevent this. Nothing can prevent this.