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Accessing the source

If nothing is an option, do that. But furlough the head. Do it with your whole heart, as if you had 90 seconds to live—alert, aware, not thinking. This is a profound and dynamic state. Laozi: “When nothing is done, nothing remains undone.”

Humans being

Some Jungian analysts believe that the first 45 minutes after awakening are uniquely generative and creatively potent. The mind is still, savouring its experience of liminal space, and ego’s defence systems are down. The question “What’s next?” does not occur.  

Mind possession

Mind possession conjures the possibility of being able to rotate one’s head 360 degrees. But, no, it’s more mundane than that. I am mind possessed if I think, ‘I want to stop thinking,’ but don’t know how or think it’s impossible.

Sanity: The ability not to think when there is no necessity for thought.