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A history of violence

Fear is always of the body. The more identified we are with our bodies, the more fearful, superstitious, competitive, security-driven and future-obsessed we are. Relationships with men whose knowledge of themselves goes no deeper than the body—these relationships are full of hiding places.

Lost in a dream

There is an obsession among men so common that it’s mostly unrecognized. It’s called ‘What’s next?’ and produces a near-total alienation from ‘What’s now?’ In this state, the sufferer’s imagination overheats. He might as well be blind.

Between the moon and New York City

A few sad-eyed souls derive energy from longing for what they don’t have. Should they get what they want, they suffer a loss of interest. Masochists live in this demimonde. It’s where self-harm happens and eating disorders are spawned.

Flesh chronicle

Memory is not primarily a mental function. The body is a flesh chronicle, a trove of old pain, of unresolved and still-percolating historical issues. Typically, difficult-to-diagnose illnesses take a long time to manifest.