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Reality bites

Scientists are touting the benefits of disembodiment as a way to relieve suffering. The process involves uploading a patient’s whole brain onto a computer and then running scans on it. Another colony of scientists holds the view that we are a simulation of reality, that we have no intrinsic realness. A harmonizing Elon Musk says the odds that we’re real are one in billions.

The dynamite in our paper flesh

If we have not learned what we need to learn, we repeat the lesson. In the beginning, we are slow learners. As we advance, some among us learn explosively.

Life does not fail, man does not fail, and what looks like failure, never is. In spiritual terms, it is simply impossible to fail. How can anyone imagine that Life will be defeated? That It has a Vader-esque opposite called Death? ‘Scuse me while I stifle myself!

Nobody starts, stops and finishes. We are part of a bigger story than me and mine. We are parabola. At the very least, we are as beautiful as that.

We do not develop; we are being developed, refined, worked on, made exquisite. It’s not our choice. (As if destiny was a choice. Does a child say, ‘I’ve developed enough. The work is finished’?)