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Yes and no

“Do you believe in miracles?” If by ‘miracle’ you mean a moment of unalloyed normalcy, of low-shouldered sublimity, of pure being empty of past and future, then yes, I do. If you mean an event when Nature is briefly persuaded to suspend one of her laws, then no, I don’t.


As humanity evolves, two things happen: On the inside, our obsession with time (past and future) begins to break up; on the outside, our differences become less distinct. Eventually, there will be no borders and we’ll all be chocolate-coloured. “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for we are all one.” No male, no female. No past, no future. We have barely begun to grasp what this means.


A man has not accepted responsibility for his actions until he stops apologizing for them.

Apologies are the discharge of my inner lawyer.

Where is the apology that changed the world?

Krishnamurti: “Love is not a memory.”

The real-ness of right now

Since everything that happens has numberless causes, it is fruitless to ask “Why did this happen.” (Of course, historians and coroners have their place.) The most legitimate, energizing and necessary question is, “Am I aligned or out of synch with what happens?” This is a “now” question.

Now questions make me responsible (response-able) for what happens now. Only the now is real. The past and the future? Not real.

Nothing makes men more immediately foolish than resistance.