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In the demi-monde

Ordinary life is the life of an ox. It is dull, conformed, routinized. It goes round and round, repeating itself.

To slay a dragon, kill a habit.

Pistol dance

If it appears, upon reflection, that the story of “my life” has been a pistol dance of madness, missteps and mayhem, then I am disconnected from silence. We develop in silence, as all of germinant life does. There is no other way to peace. Nothing needs to be done.

Mr. Nobody

Men maintain a stable of ideas about themselves: ‘I am this,’ ‘I am that.’ These ideas are confinements. They do not facilitate our development; they prevent it. They keep us from ourselves.

The ego is who I think I am.

Who am I? Nobody in particular.

Anger management

Anger cannot be managed—not unless a New York rat can be roped and ridden.

Anger management is a term from the middle of the 20th century, a period when humans killed more humans than ever before—upwards of 180 million by one estimate. Funny, isn’t it, that such a eunuch term should pop up right at the end an unprecedented killing spree.

The question is: Can you observe your anger in the moment it arises? Can you be aware of being angry? Can you be the awareness of anger? Because if you can be that, you are not the anger of which you are aware.

Krishnamurti: In the seeing is the doing.