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The word philosophy comes from the Greek for ‘love of wisdom’. The question upon which all of philosophy sits is, Who am I? Jesus answered this question directly. He said, “You are the light of the world.”

And I thought I was a body.


Tell a guy that his ontology includes an unexplored feminine aspect. Watch his eyes roll. Women know the look. It’s bad patrimony, is all. The mythopoetic traditions, including Christianity (see Proverbs 8), describe wisdom, Philo-Sophia, as a feminine faculty, as the sublimity of space.

Men and women

Marshall McLuan was the Phil Olsen of philosophers. “Affluence creates poverty.” What an arc! And, “The medium is the message.” Which brings me to this. Hasn’t the best and most clear-eyed communication about the global challenge been coming from women? Aren’t wolf packs matriarchies? Weren’t we ourselves matriarchal millennia ago? And isn’t it a fact that the more things change, the more they stay the same?

Little deputies

There are no bad men but sometimes—if we misunderstand, cannot see or are confused about something—we act badly. We become inflated, dogmatic, violent. We talk about the bottom line as if it were philosophically significant, about God as if we’ve been deputized.