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Modesty is the grandest, most majestic of all the virtues. It is a being state. Specifically, it is the state of being indifferent to what other people think.

Modesty has never known nervousness, worry, stage fright or performance anxiety.

Modesty is not shyness. Shyness is needy, calculating, egoic. It seeks attention in order to reject it.

Modesty has never said, “I did this!”

Oh, modesty. Thy kingdom come. On earth as in heaven.


A man should keep ten percent to himself—not for himself, to himself. The portion he keeps to himself is his charitable and philanthropic activity. This should not be disclosed. Benevolence without secrecy is self-promotion. Do not let the left hand know what the right hand is doing.

Secret and sacred are intimates. Some men seem instinctively to know that secrecy is a virtue. George Michael knew it.