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Purifying the mind

Sometimes I will invite a client to stand at the window of my office and watch the movement of traffic in the street below. We are not interested in where these vehicles have come from or who is driving them. We are just watching. Later on, the client can apply the same divine disinterest to the movement of his thoughts. Thoughts can survive anything except our indifference. Indifference is what purifies the mind.

Beautiful boy

No one told you? You are the most perfect boy—beautiful, unstained and innocent to the illimitable power of God. Such a thin disguise! Beneath this holed sheath of conditioned behaviours, habit and memory, you are. Namaste.

Obedience training

Watch closely as a man trains his dog. All of his attention flows into the dog. Soon enough, the dog is beautifully, wonderfully trained. He orbits his master.

A well-trained mind functions exactly like that. At night, it sleeps quietly by the bed. It declines, during the day, to chase after squirrels. It looks straight ahead.

A man is the net result of the attention he gives to his mind. Attention is the zafu on which mindfulness sits. We need the mindfulness movement. Today it is perhaps the case that more men give more attention to their cellphones than they give to themselves.

Pornography is a big issue for men. But really, it’s a symptom. The problem is an untrained mind. Minds become befouled and confused by an absence of attention. Where attention is, purity also is.

Attention does not work tomorrow. It works now. Let your breath carry you into the purity of the one pathless moment.