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As the word suggests, environmental cleanup begins with the mind.

Mind is polluted if it is irritable, impatient, dissatisfied or wet-nursing a grudge.

Funnily enough, some of our worst polluters are fervent recyclers.

On the catwalk

You’ve been called in to help fix a dysfunctional workforce in a small manufacturing plant. The owner of the plant asks you to take a position on the catwalk so that you have a good view of how the workers perform their duties and interact with each other. At the end of the day, the owner checks in. You say: “Everything is fine. There is no problem.”

To settle the mind, observe the mind.


A stream of judgements, according to which the world is divided into Like and Don’t Like, constitutes virtually all of our thought content. To stop thinking, stop judging. The death of judgement is the birth of contentment.


Men on bail are required to keep the peace. The rest of us are enjoined to keep quiet.

If my mind is quiet and my heart is pure, Life will bring everything I need to my front door. It will be fresh and new every morning.

If I do not keep quiet, I will need to be a go-getter. “Oh, that Ashford,” people will say, “he’s a real go-getter.”