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And headed for the stars

For us to help someone, we must be beyond the need of help ourselves. We’re not beyond the need of help until the moment arrives when we realize we are sons of God.



No one has power to ruin my life. Am I ruined? Then I ruined myself. This is the realization that allowed Socrates to say, “You can kill me but you cannot hurt me.”


Nobody can make me happy. Somebody might make me conscious.


And it was a beautiful day

Home is not a house; it’s the present moment.

If we are not present, we are not at home.

The prodigal son awakened in a pig barn. Stunning, to find oneself at home in a pig barn.


Beautiful boy

No one told you? You are the most perfect boy—beautiful, unstained and innocent to the illimitable power of God. Such a thin disguise! Beneath this holed sheath of conditioned behaviours, habit and memory, you are. Namaste.