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Big wheel rolling

Some men lose themselves at the centre of the wheel. We cannot say they are inactive; they’re just not moving. (What does not move is not noticed.) Other men, peripherals, are flying around on the rim. They’ve got a bucket list. They’re collecting experiences.

The birth of beauty

Chaos and cosmos are dance partners. In the West, we refer to the law of opposites. In the East, the Sanskrit word samsara, is employed. The role of chaos is to trigger germination, an irruptive movement involving the utter destruction of an innocent casing.

Men and women

Marshall McLuan was the Phil Olsen of philosophers. “Affluence creates poverty.” What an arc! And, “The medium is the message.” Which brings me to this. Hasn’t the best and most clear-eyed communication about the global challenge been coming from women? Aren’t wolf packs matriarchies? Weren’t we ourselves matriarchal millennia ago? And isn’t it a fact that the more things change, the more they stay the same?